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Cytolethal distending toxin B (cdtB) is a genotoxinexpressed by Campylobacter jejuni. cdtB is a DNasethatinduces DNA double-strand breaks (DSB) in the nucleus causing cell cycle arrest at the G2/M phase and apoptosis. This study aimed to design and analyze in silico primer pairs to amplify cdtB gene ofC. jejuni.The cdtB gene sequence with accession number AY445094.1was retrieved from GenBank NCBI and primer pairs were designed by using Primer-BLAST. Further analysis of primer quality such asself dimer, hairpin, repeats, and runwere done by NetPrimer. The results showed that forward primer pair 3 (5’-AGCAAGTGGAGTGTTAGCGT-3’) and reverse primer pair 3 (5’- TTGGAGTGGCTGTTCTTGGT-3’) met requirements as an ideal primer set to amplify cdtB gene in the term of primer length, Tm and GC% with a product length of 103 bp.In addition, based on NetPrimer analysis results, this primer pair had no self dimer, hairpin, repeats, and run. It can be concluded that a primer set to amplify cdtB gene of C. jejunihas been successfully designed.However, a wet experiment is needed to run this primer set in the laboratory setting.


Keywords: Campylobacter jejuni, cdtB gene, in silico, primer.

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